Melt Away Your Muffin Top

I hear it all the time, clients joking about their “muffin top”. First, I usually wonder why people want to name body parts after food anyway, but after examining the picture to the leftmuffin top 297x300  Melt Away Your Muffin Top it’s quite obvious why we call it the muffin top after all. As if it’s not apparent, the muffin top is a layer of fat that bursts over the top of the wearers waistband. It is most common in teenagers, but you can spot people of any age sporting this embarrassing accumulation of fat. Often enough, people who do have a muffin top are not always obese or over weight. They may in fact have small to medium sized arms and legs that actually appear somewhat tone. So, what’s the paradox here? How is it that one can have certain areas so prone to storing fat that it can be rewarded such a name as muffin top?

Don’t forget, the muffin top is a new age term more appropriate for women supposedly, but it’s old school name is also LOVE HANDLES! Both of these areas are one and the same being located in the area of the suprailiac, studies show that this area of the muffin top and love handles and fat storage is directly associated with an over abundance of carbohydrates! Oh Yuck, that’s just what you were hoping not to hear, I know, but settle down because I’m sure it comes as no major shock. Americans are carbo-fanatics! If it’s processed, full of refined carbohydrates and sugar we want it and we can’t get enough. That could be why we’ve been branded with such a recognizable physique, love handles and muffin tops are becoming a dime a dozen here in the good ol’ USA.

Some people have a high tolerance for carbohydrates and therefore do not have problems with a muffin top. But, most people, women to be precise are not so blessed. Why you ask? Blame it on insulin. You see, the body actually wants to use fat as energy. However doing anything that causes insulin levels to rise rapidly, causes the body to shuttle blood sugar to the liver, muscle tissue and most importantly, to the adipose tissue (aka body fat). Insulin, in essence is a storage hormone. You can imagine where the ‘icky unwanted fat is then stored…muffin tops, love handles, hips, thighs, tricpes and pretty much anywhere else we don’t want extra fat. Here is a great description of the process:

“The body absorbs all of the above carbohydrates as quickly as it would a tablespoon of sugar, which means that the body is forced to release waves of insulin to dispose of the large influx of carbohydrates. These surges of insulin, repeated over and over again, lead to a condition called insulin resistance. The cells that normally respond to insulin get desensitized. The pancreas — which produces insulin — has to shout louder and louder for the cells that handle insulin to hear. The pancreas has to produce more and more insulin to metabolize all that rapidly assimilated carbohydrate. To make matters worse, these large surges of insulin tend to overshoot the mark, and more is released than is needed. As such, it then causes temporary low blood sugar (insulin takes sugar out of the blood and puts it in storage, remember), which sends your brain a signal that it’s time to eat again. Which is why One biscuit is never enough is it?”

So, now that you know, are you really ready to get rid of the muffin top and love handles? If you’re ready to make a change, below are a few tips that can change your world, and your body more importantly in a short amount of time:

1. Eat organic protein (chicken, beef, fish, eggs etc) small portions divided into 5-6 small meals per day

2. Eat TONS of green vegetables. Lightly steamed is the key. Microwaving and boiling destroys a large amount of the flavonoids.

3. Eat fruits that are low on the Glycemic Index such as berries, 3-4 servings a day is fine but always balance out with protein or healthy fat.

4. If it’s packaged and processed it’s poop for your body…DON’T EAT IT!

5. Supplement with a great quality fish oil. Don’t buy the generic store bought crap. You get what you pay for. Cheaper brands contain alarmingly high quantities of heavy metals, most notably mercury and there is little to no quality control. Do you really want to swallow fish oil caps that sat in sweltering temperatures while it traveled it’s way onto your local drug store’s shelf? Didn’t think so. My trusted brand of choice is Nordic Naturals.

6. Look into insulin stabilizers such as these herbal products: fenugreek and gymnema sylvestre. Also, a good quality B-complex can help in elevating mood and energy.

7. If you are consuming complex carbohydrates throughout the day, which you should at some point, it should be again in balance with organic and portioned out serving of protein, healthy fat and it should come from these sources: brown rice, sweet potato (And, NO, don’t even think about going for the sweet potato fries…Fried is the key word there!) and Ezekial bread, and plain steel cut oats (sweeten yourself with stevia and cinnamon).

Yes, this seems a little drastic but what is happening inside your body is pretty drastic too. So, it’s just an exterior physical flaw, those damned muffin tops and love handles, but years later as we age the very internal process that causes them will wreak much more havoc on your internal organs! Why not start now, change what’s damaging your body and look damn good while you do it. What are you waiting for? Get up and get going, you can have a stomach like this….

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Again, we’ve summed up another “Win Win” situation for you here at ….Your welcome and my pleasure! ; )


~ Sam

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